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Why it's not just about the MUSIC!

We all need more Inspiration!

So this me (Nadine) and my husband (Scott) and together he is my musical partner.

I am the vocal coach at The Singing Studio. In my lessons I have this discussion with some of my students about how music makes you feel and we seem to all agree we love listening to it. But I think there is a big difference between just hearing it though a stereo while washing up and actually being present when listening to it.

Every night after a day of exploring Australia (my home town) last year all we wanted to do is look where we go watch more live music. And I am so glad we did as I now have a violin and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life learning how to play it.

This is why..... a story that we were told on our travels by Mumma Cath

Mumma Cath Said "So I told my friend when she was hesitating about completing her masters degree at the age of 60 thinking she was too old. You will be 65 no matter what you do. But wouldn't you rather be 65 with a masters than without"

So I choose that too.

It may take me at least 10 years to master the violin but why not hey, let's all become better at something or everything.

So I dare you to go and find your inspiration.

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