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Role: Piano & Voice Tutor
Available: Mon, Tues, Wed & Sat

Kerry Hackworth vocals piano tutor - The Studios Newquay.jpeg

Kerry is an experienced piano and vocal tutor with 24 years’ experience teaching all ages, both 1 to 1 and in groups. She holds a degree in Jazz and Light Music from Leeds College of Music and has been through further graded exams. 


Her varied music career includes touring as a gig musician, as Christine McVie in a Fleetwood Mac tribute group and the National Choir company’s Cornish branch Rock Choir leader. Kerry holds a fulfilling, long-term role as Senior Vocal Teacher and Piano Tutor at Truro and Penwith College. She’s nurtured students and seen some progress to the West End, to band performers and solo artists.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I’m an adaptable teacher as all our students have individual needs: different levels of musical experience, music genres, and styles they want to sing/play in.

What's your favourite thing to teach?

I’m excited about discovering and learning new music, so it’s teaching something quite new so we’re learning together. I get ideas on how to make new melodies familiar to students through vocal games or warm ups or playing it in sections. I consider how to enhance the song by adding harmonies and counterparts.


What’s your speciality?

I want to create a calm, relaxing and safe environment for students to learn and perform. Budding musicians often suffer with nerves and confidence issues, which needs careful handling. I strive to create a space where they can feel comfortable and free to talk, sing, play and learn in the best possible atmosphere.

Julia Kustatscher

Role: Piano Tutor
Available: Wed & Fri

Julia Kustatscher piano tutor - The Studios Newquay.jpeg

Julia started playing the piano at age 7 and fell in love with the instrument straight away. Having studied at the music conservatory in Bolzano, Italy and completed a MA in Music Education at Kingston University, London Julia has been teaching ever since. 


Julia has experience teaching a wide range of students of all ages and abilities and is excited to share her joy of music, through engaging, fun, and personal lessons.


How would you describe your teaching style?

I am a passionate teacher who tailors lessons to each students’ individual needs. I enjoy adding fun educational resources into my teaching, including flash cards, worksheets, and musical board games. I aim to provide each student with the confidence to express themselves and enjoy doing so.


Whats your favourite thing to teach?

Movie and video game soundtracks! I really enjoy exploring different genres and allowing my students to share their favourites with me.


What’s your speciality?

Classically trained with expertise in Trinity College and ABRSM syllabus.

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