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Looking to improve your singing skills? Look no further than The Studios Newquay! Our lessons are customized to your level, whether you're a beginner a professional. We work on finding your singing and speaking voice, and even incorporate voice anatomy, music theory basics to help you teach. Our passion for teaching and research drives us to be the best teachers we can be, and we hope to inspire you to become a confident singer and performer.

At The Studios Newquay, we are dedicated to helping students improve their singing and performance skills through our Student Development programme. We encourage parents to attend sessions to support their children's progress and boost their confidence. Our students also have various performance opportunities such as the Giveback concert in April, Busking Days, Festival opportunities and Christmas Concert performances. For those interested in Music GCSE and West end prospects, we suggest starting grades with ABRSM or ROCK SCHOOL.

The Studios Newquay offers a unique approach to singing lessons, focusing on the science behind the art. Our courses cover all the essential elements of becoming a great singer, from vocal health to stage presence. With our expert guidance, students learn to control their voices safely and master complex techniques. Join us today and discover the science of singing!

To book a trial lesson, click Book Now below. We are excited to hear from you and can't wait to get started!

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