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A Musician Playing Bass Guitar




Role: Electric Guitar, Acoustic, Bass and Ukulele Tutor
Available: Mon, Tues (online only), Thurs & Sat

 Ashley has been picking away at the guitar for the past 20 years, with years of live performing experience under his belt.  His taste in music ranges from Country to Rock, from Blues to Jazz, Reggae, and music from all decades.  He has been teaching on and off for over 15 years, from beginners to intermediate and advanced players.

So whether it’s time for you to pick up and dust off the guitar that’s been sitting in the room for the last 30 years or if you’re looking for a jam partner to exchange ideas or begin the road to being a certified Grades achiever.

It is never too early and definitely never too late to start. All ages welcome.

Ash is looking forward to hearing from you and booking your first lesson!

Speciality: Blues, jazz, reggae, country, pop and rock.


Take a look at Ash’s guitar work...

Fastlane - Showreel

Fastlane - Wish You Were Here

Fastlane - When You Were Young

Ashley Harding - A Minor Minute

Swampy Slide Nonsense (standard tuning) in E

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