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Nadine Finney 

singing lessons newquay
singing lessons newquay

Nadine has trained in AMEB Singing (Australian Music Examinations Board) for contemporary pop and jazz. Then went on to complete a diploma of Musical Theatre at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. NIDA is Australia's very accomplished and world renowned Theatre Education Centre.
With AMEB and NIDA qualifications, her specialties lie in contemporary vocals, musical theatre, stagecraft, technique, pitching, control, mix, repertoire selection and song interpretation. Nadine is truly passionate about the industry and in love with singing. This obsession for the performing arts shows in her lessons and in her students. “I can’t go a day without music, and I hope to impart this passion onto my students. Music speaks what sometimes words can not be expressed and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to communicate through song.” 
Nadine has been in various groups performing mainly for big corporate events. dancing and singing in the 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony,  performing the Australian national anthem at the ARL, and touring as one of the Australian Pussycat Dolls.  
“It’s not just about teaching someone about music, saying goodbye and doing the same thing next week. It’s about giving them the tools and motivation to be the best they can be and to have the vocal knowledge to be able to critique themselves; for them to be able to leave each lesson and say “I learned something new today”;
Nadine Finney had her first singing and dancing lessons In Australia over 20 years ago and was instantly hooked.  She fell in love with the art of singing and has never looked back since! Professionally, Nadine has been teaching singing and dance for 10 years, starting at Dynamix Performing Arts. Click the link below and find more about nadine and her professional singing.

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