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The Singing Guide: How to find your voice?

We have all heard the tail old saying of "everyone can sing, it is just about giving it a go", Well maybe it wasn't said exactly like that..... So excuse my Aussie slang, But honestly it is true. Some of you will cop out saying " I sound like a dying cat" DON'T! it is just about trying to find your voice instead of spending your life singing like some one else. Whether you are a professional singer or a beginner who only likes to sing in the shower or not at all. I wan't to tell you about what i have learn't and what i am still learning about "The Voice".

Step 1: "If you can speak you can sing" If you are struggling with even knowing where to start to find your voice. Then start reading the line above on pitch. Speak it first, IF YOU CAN SPEAK YOU CAN SING...... and then each time after that try and speak it as a song.

Step 2: "Singing is about Feeling" in many senses of the word. If it feels right.... then It is right, no matter what it sounds like initially singing should not hurt just like speaking doesn't hurt. And yes your brain will tell you many things but firstly you will need to just over come the negative thoughts and relax because singing should be easy as all you need to do is sing as YOU!

Step 3: "The mask" Vocal placement revolves around where you send your sound whether it is in your head or your chest or a mix of both it knowing how to understand it and replicate it over and over again in safe way.

Step 4: Breathing is the most important singing tool you will ever learn! You may question why....When from the beginning we have been able to breath on an average 20 breaths per minute with out ever being taught how to do so. Think of how someone would train themselves to FREE DIVE it is the same thing with singers. We are teach ourselves to breath deeper, expand out breath capacity and finally use our diaphragm to support the breath/sound on its way out.

Hopefully this has inspired you to FIND YOUR VOICE!

Keep searching and i will keep you updated with new helpful tips on SINGING

Please check out my previous blogs on how to keep your voice healthy at

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