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10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids, Teens, Young at Heart Adults who love music. All Under £99

Christmas gift guide for kids, adults, teens who love music

Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

The Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone is ideal for both recording and performing, specifically designed for vocal applications. The uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source, allowing your voice to cut through the mix by minimizing background noise and reducing feedback. The rugged construction features a pneumatic shock-mount system and steel mesh grille that will last for years whilst still providing consistent performance and reliability. Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals, the Shure SM58 has a tailored vocal response for a sound which is a world standard.

Price: £91

Turn up the music with a funky Bluetooth speaker with a built in Light show. This portable system with a rechargeable battery, VHF microphone and USB/SD/FM/BT player is ideal for house parties, singers and performers alike!

Price: £69

Christmas Gifts for Kids Speaker for Singing

iRig 2 is the new and improved version of the groundbreaking and best selling iRig guitar interface. Featuring everything you loved about iRig, it has powerful sound and streamlined convenience, and it packs essential new features like versatile gain control, a 1/4" amplifier output and Android compatibility into its sleek pocketable enclosure.

Price: £33

I rig 2 for musicians and guitarists. Gifts for Christmas

7 velocity-sensitive drum pads and 2 pedals for hi-hat and kick drum 45 preset drum kits, or add 5 user drum kits 265 percussion voices, 100 play-along songs, self-recording feature, built-in metronome and hand Percussion feature enables use of hands instead of sticks USB-MIDI output for use with DAWs and plug-ins Take it anywhere and play with 6 C batteries (not included) Includes drumsticks and power adapter

Price £99

Christmas Gifts for Kids who are Musical Drums

Quantity: 52 Stickers (Applied to the white keys only, enough for a full sized 88 key piano/keyboard) Each Keysie® measures 16mm by 35mm, Ideal size for any instrument without hanging over the edge of the keys.

Keysies® are made from a very high quality transparent polyester (stronger and more durable than vinyl). Many keyboards/pianos have keys that are slightly off-white, and some pianos have ivory keys. Transparent stickers look much nicer on these instruments.

Non-residue removable adhesive means that the Keysies® can be easily repositioned, and removed without a trace. Keysies® also have an extra layer of gloss which allows them to be wiped clean with ease. The backing sheet that your Keysies® are originally stuck to is siliconized so that the stickers can be unpeeled easily for smoother application onto the instrument.

Keysies® come with an easy to follow hard copy Placement Guide, suitable for any size instrument. All orders are dispatched same day with free Royal Mail first class postage. VAT receipts available on request.

Price : £5.95

Best Christmas Gifts for musicians, piano players, singers

• Experience a pro recording studio in Cornwall • Join friends or family to record a song • Suitable for you up to four friends.

Lasts up to 1.5 hours you will also receive a mastered CD for free. Great for solo singers, couples, friends and family day out. All with proper CRB checks.

This opportunity if for those wannabe pop stars, practice. Additional charge of up to £3 for purchase rights of the backing track.

Price: £60

Best Christmas Gifts for kids, Singing for x factor. Recording studio day in cornwall

The bopbox Cajon is a perfect travel instrument for any percussionist. Featuring a really sturdy cardboard shell, this lightweight cajon creates an authentic sound and is environmentally friendly. An included snare wire creates a sharp attacking tone to compliment the booming bass sounds. Also suitable for kids and beginners, the cajon can be flat packed, making it easy to transport and easy to store and the natural finish makes it fully customisable.

Price £8.99

Best Christmas Gifts for Musicians and Drummers

The CTK-1200AD is the ideal instrument for making your first step into the world of keyboard playing. With 100 sounds and 100 automatic accompaniment styles, the CTK-1200AD is ready to inspire you to make great music straight away. With a full range of 61 piano-shaped keys, a headphone connection and its own built-in dual speaker system, the CTK-1200AD has all the essential features for learning.

Equipped with a large library of built-in songs you can play as fast or as slow as you wish. Choose to play with just the right hand, the left hand or both once. Play a whole song with both hands together and the keyboard rewards you with applause.

Price £69.99

Christmas gifts for kids and musicians, singers, keyboard

Beats ep on-ear headphones deliver masterfully tuned sound the way it was meant to be heard. Powered by fine-tuned acoustics for incredible clarity, breadth and balance, they're the ideal introduction to beats for any music lover.

Beats ep is made to go everywhere you do. Its battery-free design offers unlimited playback and the hassle-free fixed cable lets you focus on the music. Just grab and go.

Price £74.99

Christmas Present Gifts for kids and singers

Singing Christmas Voucher


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