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How to keep your Voice Healthy - For Singers

Breathing: Keep breathing easy and flexible. Check any persisting shortness of breath. Use your diaphragm not your throat.

Sleep: Get an adequate amount of sleep every night and especially before a performance. The vocal folds and laryngeal muscles are small muscles in the body. If you are tired so is your body and these muscles will not function efficiently.

Exercise: Exercise regularly - at least 3 times a week. This will intern help with your overall well being, your breathing and stress.

Stress: Define the problem and cause of your stress and list strategies to help with it. Emotional stress leads to tension and tension adds to vocal load and strain on the voice.

Range: Don’t sing beyond your comfortable vocal range. Try and work on one semitone at a time.

Warm-up: Before every practice and performance. This creates a voice that is consistent and healthy. (I will post some helpful warm-ups on my next post)

Hydration: Keep well hydrated. Try and have at least 2 litres a day of water in small amounts. Try not to sing on a full stomach this may create reflux. Limit your caffeine intake as it dehydrates your body and voice.

Finally love your voice and DO NOT SMOKE


Mrs N Finney

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